Haha what

i wish there was a job i could get that didn’t involve me having to drive a car or any type of a vehicle because no

now that i think about it i said Alyssa isn’t that good in math and science skills or anything technical and more of just a sports person but then i also remember it’s canon that she repaired and recreated a computer where she could wear it over her eye with ease where no even really thinks it’s a computer so

one of the happiest things of getting my haircut is i don’t have to deal with tangles 

i don’t think it will be a good idea to leave my house today

hmmm i could stay up and write and finish projects

but it’s 11


team 5’5 and under where ya at

why did my history teacher only give me two days in class time to do her assignment i

ahhh i have to give a speech on what college i want to go to as my next creative writing assignment

actually i love learning about the time in history i have to do the project on it’s just i hate the project because it doesn’t have more guidelines and i kind of need those

i wonder if my parents will be angry that i didn’t sign up for chemistry