Haha what

my only slide for my college presentation is covered in pictures of one fountain and nothing else

tbh the circle eyes is too annoying and stressful to draw on paper so you guys get those weird eyes now

anything further than a bust is going to be in mini doodle form and i’m not really sorry about that

I will never forget that one time my body thought it would be a good idea to wake up at one in the morning and not fall back to sleep on the first day of my second semester

so many character designs so little art skill


Made a Feferi statue at my art institude


Made a Feferi statue at my art institude


Imagine getting married to your icon, but in the cremony your old icon gets up from their seat and yells that they love you and don’t want you to marry anybody else. Your current icon tells them, with the same expresion as they are now, that you are theirs and now your old icon can’t have you back.

i’m doing research on a college i want to go to and i’m half way done with the first stage and have two days after this left but i suddenly have interest in a different one that’s easier for me to understand h Elp

why is it no matter how witty or smart i can be in my responses in arguments i sometime always fall back to in one way or another to “stupid hair”